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Across your chest.

Across your chest
pixabay photo

Across your chest
leave my heart
colorful clear blue,
Or bloody bruises
Faded one heart!
Maybe like a shiny white flower
That heart is big in your chest
Yet the heart
It’s the heart!
Well tell me
Where will you throw that heart?
you are lazy
Throw me away,
Your chest ever
The heart cannot throw away
I know that.
i know
The place of the heart in the chest,
That’s where the heart is
So where do you hide that heart?
People with their hands on their chests
Can’t lie
But when you can say with your hand on your chest,
across your chest
had no heart
inside your chest
Never a broken heart
Blue poison is not infected!
Chest, how will he lie, cheat with the heart?
Your bosom will freely say, There once was a heart,
There was my heart.
Someday in your chest
my heart is mixed,
Holding hands in the same heart
Frankly you will also say,
You will also tell
I was there one day
I was too!

Sadia Khan Runa ~

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