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Emptiness in my life.

My world  i's empty.
My world is empty.

Why is it zero?
Why did you crush it?
My world, my dream.
My world is empty now
Still burning hot in the heart.
All around is emptiness
There is no such thing as perfection
All the emptiness in my life
Now, around you.
My sky is cloudy now
Twelve months of stormy hearing.
He said he didn’t go
What is the reason?
Why do you dream?
Why draw a picture?
Why leave?
Why forget everything!?
Why do you miss it?
Why storm today?
Draw these two
still hope
The bird will come back
sky of love
So keep it open.


2 responses to “Emptiness in my life.”

  1. Hope all goes well 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The words of the mind are poetry. Everything is good. thanks 😊😊😊


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