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which is beyond  grasp.

Well take my name as Adhara, whose current identity is just a corpse. The crowd around the palm pond is increasing, I can see quite a lot floating around. I feel very ashamed. Because the clothes are messed up, I can’t fix them. But no one has seen me naked like this before. Feeling uncomfortable.

In the meantime, I saw that Chairman Latif has come with a baton force. People are not able to move even by banging them. On the instructions of the chairman, four men dragged my body in a boat in the pond and brought it to the shore.

The whole body is bruised. In some places the bones have also come out. I don’t recognize myself. He rolled up a big sheet and placed me on a mat spread in the shade of a jarul tree in a corner of the yard and closed the gate near the wall of the house. I am a freshly eaten corpse in a red saree in a deserted yard. A few pike foot soldiers were waiting for someone’s orders.

An elderly woman from inside the house turned away from me for a few minutes with a cloth over her nose, the stern look still present. Seeing the sample of his face made me smile ha ha ha, I understand that his nature has not changed.

Someone came to me crying with a burning agar lamp in one hand and a bottle of rosewater in the other. He started sprinkling rose water on my body. Oh I recognize her I call her aunt. The rose water seems unbearable. I wanted to scream please don’t put it on, the wounds are burning. Chachi looked at me and increased the speed of crying, “Why did you leave without telling me like this, mother? Why are you so troubled, at least you would share a little with me!”

Seeing my aunt’s tears now makes me cry too. But my stone eyes no longer have water, they have turned to stone.

After a while several cars came in front of the house. Two women, two children and two men got down from the car. The two women glared at me and took the two children inside the house. The two children were crying because they wanted to see me. I was afraid to be alive with them. We were each other’s souls.

Someone came to the balcony wearing a white panjabi, wearing sunglasses. Walking restlessly with a sad sad face as if talking to someone on the phone. I know him well. Hey, I don’t know why! He is my husband. Alas, the poor wife is lost and lost. Who knows if anything has been eaten since the morning? We girls do not! There is no peace even after death, now I want to hand him over and eat him.

The sun is overhead now, it feels eternally hot. As the day progresses, the crowd of people in the yard is increasing. I’m getting a little nostalgic now.

On my wedding day too, many people came under the red and white cloth draped like this. How happy everyone is, how many stories are spoken, the reflection of a happy environment. I am sitting in a red tuk-tuk saree. Even today, I am wrapped in a red saree, but as a corpse. Isn’t that strange!

My eyes turned to find only two people. Why aren’t they coming yet? There is no problem on the way! My mind is restless – I haven’t seen them for a long time. At least today can come a little.

What I thought happened, they stormed into the house. Then gently lifted my face and kept crying. Now I have a lot of pride in my chest, when I told you so many times before, I really want to see you. Many unsaid words are accumulating chest pain. Didn’t hear then.

And now!

I am helpless, speechless even though I have a mouth. The ability to say something was taken away from me by death in the middle of night.

My husband came out of the house. To meet the two who were sitting beside me crying. And yes, I did not introduce you to those two.

They are my parents.

My husband held them and started crying. He can’t take the grief that he became alone without me. Aha! I am crying after hearing it. If he had said such a thing in his life, then I would have gone crazy with happiness! I also thought that he never loved me. All that talk.

After removing everyone, a group of women bathed me and dressed me in the white cloth of the shroud. Now I am ready to go to my desired home. I haven’t been there in years. I can’t stand you anymore.

The sun went down. As soon as the darkness of the night fell, a moon rose like a dish in the sky. The green trees in the dim shade all around look like black ghosts.

Finally, I got into the car with my parents for the destination. The inside of the car is very cold. The body was freezing, but no one gave a blanket. My husband is very angry now.

And yes, I forgot to say another thing! In the evening the police came to take me away. My father-in-law did not give, he is a very cunning man. He continued to call it suicide by giving a lump sum of money to avoid unwanted trouble. I was laughing so hard.

I’m now in a cold car. I am running. There is no stopping this movement. I feel upset that the moonlight is not falling on me due to the dense walls of the car. Who wants to see the form of moonlight again. And also the face of my groom, because he was the one who took me to the pond last night to show me the moon.

We sat on the pond ghat in the moonlight, I wrapped myself in the blanket of his love. I trusted him again. I thought maybe he realized his mistake and moved away from alienation.

He sang to me, hugged me and kissed me on the forehead. I was just closing my eyes in shame, just then a shock knocked me into the pool. I was drowning because I don’t know how to swim, I was shouting at my husband. But he never once looked back at me. I died in agony.

I don’t know which my parents believed for my death – murder or suicide. In fact, if you believe, what if you don’t! Mr. Chairman, I mean they have the power to do anything against my father-in-law.

Even if I don’t get justice from the people of the world, my God will surely do justice on the day of judgment, insha’Allah.

what do you say?

Sadia Khan Runa ~


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    1. Thanks a lot brother Miraan


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