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Life, Luck and Destiny


I have something to say….


Life sometimes seems like a foggy winter. When I go out on a winter morning or night, when the road ahead is not visible because of the fog, then nothing can be said for certain. It seems as if someone is standing in front, again it looks like a car, it is difficult to say correctly. When it goes to understand what it is? Maybe the idea is completely wrong. Just as it can be said, what is my future, what is the destiny of fate? Many people say, far away my future is bad, actually it is not right! Go ahead, you may feel that there is no certainty of success ahead, your thoughts, mentality may not clear your path like fog, go ahead and see it is success, inshallah! Fate itself is like a car written by God, wherever you want it to go, the car will go there. If you drive looking at the wheels of the car, there will be danger. I hope everyone will move forward with courage. Success will come, it is better to build yourself as you are. I will follow the good side of life, I will discard the bad gradually. Nothing can be abandoned or discarded all at once-Thank you all for taking so much trouble to read this annoying note. Regards and I was/still am ill. Please pray for me all. Finally – I will say one thing that the path of life is not always foggy if you are careful and walk properly – it can be a sunny morning.

Life luck destiny

Sadia Khan Runa ~


2 responses to “Life, Luck and Destiny”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Anita

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So sweet, you change my name!


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