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Don’t forget the way.

The traveler is walking alone
Colorful umbrella on the head
Green leaves on the umbrella
Sky stars on leaves
Pedestrian sorting is going on.

Rain clouds and clouds
Swing in the wind on the green grass
The mind runs away from the grasshopper
Butterfly wings flutter
Oh what joy what joy
Gengar Gengar frog bowl.

After the rain comes the sun
Dry golden village
In canals, rivers and lakes
Ash of the white buck
Shapla blossoms and flutters its petals
Subhas Rashi Rashi
Wayfarer’s fatigue
Green smile with mistake.

The illusion of a green shadow
Return to your home
Don’t forget the way, the wayfarer
Rupasi loves Bangladesh.

Royal Bengal tiger
Royal Bengal Tiger Bangladesh Sundarban.

Sadia Khan Runa ~


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