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I’m still in the dark.

Still the dark

Maybe I’m still holding you in the dark
  still in a dream
I get you back.
  Maybe still this naughty mind, hidden gently
  Thinking of you, drawing pictures, unknown to yourself.
  May it all be yours,
As if between the sun and the moon
  This is the end of the story
In the words of the new.
i want to walk
with you
  From the beginning to the end of this path
  I want to stop suddenly and say,
  Blessed love you.
  I lied even in love, unknowingly many times
  Knowing everything, I still thought of you.
  You were mine in this circle
  I ask God,
  Tired and relaxed today
  give me
The dreams are mine.
Today is like this.
The new sky
  want you here
  In this new sound of wind too
  The tone of testimony is always there.
  But why think today,
  All before completion
  I thought of you as my own.

Sadia Khan Runa ~


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