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The Winter.

The winter.

When will you come winter?
  Wrapped in a blanket of fog
  Eat jaggery cake.
  you’re still gone
  stuck in my mouth
  There is sweet
  The palm tree was in the neck
  pot of tied juice,
  looking at you
  I will go to my father’s house.
  I will eat new rice cakes
  different tastes,
  I will soak in date juice
  Steam all cakes.
I will walk in the open field
  my saree will fly
  I will go around
  I will go to school.
  The bill catches dried fish
  The house is full of pots,
  My sister cooks for me
  Eat quickly.
  Various types of cakes will be given
  different tastes,
  I will talk about happiness and sadness
  The heat of the mind will go.

The winter morning.
Winter  morning.

Sadia Khan Runa ~

2 responses to “The Winter.”

  1. Thanks Mike 🙏🙏


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