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Rain wet love.

Lonely wet highway. The trees along the highway are swaying in the gentle breeze.
Ananya is walking along the road with an umbrella on her head.
Raju is late today too. Ananya feels bored.
While walking, he stopped under a tree on the side of the road. Eyes filled with the strange beauty of wet nature.
Suddenly someone sang in a beautiful voice from behind.
The rain has broken the sky today
I am walking on this path.
Your picture floats on the canvas of the mind.
I haven’t seen you for a long time.
The song and the singing voice of Ananya are very familiar. He quickly turned back.
Raju is standing. Sweet smile on the face. He holds his hands together in an apologetic manner.
And why are you coming? No really could! Ananya said in an angry voice.
“No. I mean yes. I didn’t get that rickshaw. So it’s too late to walk.” Raju said with a frown.
Don’t pretend. I know you You want to walk. To get wet in the rain.
Raju remained silent.
“Why are you silent!” Ananya was shocked.
“I mean no. Sounds like fun.” Raju said with a smile.
“What! You find my words amusing!” Ananya said getting more angry.
“No means . . . .When a student’s favorite teacher scolds the student in class. As it feels then. I have the same feeling! I was able to enter my childhood again in your welfare. Thank you ma’am!” Raju said with a smile.
Ananya couldn’t stay angry after hearing Raju’s words like this. He laughed.
Seeing Ananya’s smile, Raju sang
“The princess in my dream smiles,
On the banks of seven seas and thirteen rivers.”

  • Where did you find the sea-river? Ananya asked in surprise.
    Raju pointed to a boat on the side of the highway and said, “Guess that’s the ocean.” you are princess And I am the prince. The princess was eagerly sitting on the beach when the prince will come!
    “The princess is very upset because the prince is late! The prince came. The princess felt good. And the princess laughed again,” said Raju with a smile.
    Ananya couldn’t hold back her smile anymore. Khil started laughing. Tears came from his eyes while laughing.
    He stopped laughing and said, “How can you think so beautifully, Raju?”
    Raju held Ananya’s hand and said “beautiful thoughts come with beautiful people.” So he winked.
    Ananya said slowly, “Raju, do you really love me?” Will you always hold my hand like this?”
    Raju said, “As far as I remember, you got the answer to the first question 4 months ago. And the answer to the second is that I will hold not only your hand but you.”
    Ananya’s eyes were teary and Raju had a sweet smile on his face.
    Ananya is sitting on the roots of a tree on the highway with an umbrella on her head. Water is pouring from his eyes.
    Raju is late today too. Ananya is not feeling well.
    The rain does not stop. It is running after tipping.
    Raju came running along the wet highway. Seeing Ananya sitting like this, she realized that there was a problem.
    He slowly called “Ananya”. Princess.”
    Ananya slowly turned her face towards Raju. Tears are falling from his eyes. The eyes are incredibly red. It is understood that he has been crying for a long time.
    Raju’s chest felt a twist. He said slowly, “What happened, princess?”
    Ananya said in a tearful voice, “You didn’t keep your word, Raju. I was sitting here alone. How many people were walking. He was looking at me. And I was alone. all alone
    You didn’t stand by me.”
    It was as if a shell hit Raju’s chest. He said slowly, “Believe Ananya. I was not late on purpose.
    Lately the cost has increased a lot. So I have a lesson at this time.
    I didn’t tell you because then you wouldn’t come. I didn’t even see your beautiful face. Believe me, I try hard to get out a little sooner. But it doesn’t happen.
    But I was always by your side, am, will be. love you so much Raju said the words in a hurry.
    Ananya was not at all ready to hear these words. Now she feels bad that Raju said these words.
    He said slowly, “Raju. I’m so sorry. . . Forgive me, please. .”
    A smile appeared on Raju’s face. Tears are welling up in his eyes.
    Suddenly the rain increased. Raju started to touch the rain with both hands. He suddenly sang
    “The rain has broken the sky today. . . I am walking. . “
    He stopped saying so much.
    What did you think? Then he ran down to the paddy field next to the highway and started singing loudly. . . .
    “The rain has broken the sky today,
    I am walking on this path.”
    Ananya started looking at Raju’s son with tears in her eyes and a sweet smile on her lips.
    Raju pointed to Ananya after going a little far. Ananya let go of the umbrella. It flew and sank.
    Slowly walked through the aisle of the field towards Raju.
    Raju extended a hand towards him. Ananya held her hand shyly.
    Rahul started singing. . . .
    “If this path does not end, how would it be, you tell me. . . “
    It is still raining heavily. A little rainbow has appeared at one end of the sky. It is as if nature has laughed with the sweetness of rainbow after seeing them.

Sadia Khan Runa ~

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