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Flower bed night.

Naughty Sweet Basar Night Story.
Naughty Sweet Basar Night Story.

This is that. But you don’t touch me without my permission.
I mean, I don’t understand.

don’t understand You don’t toss me. But if you do, I will cry.
ok Don’t cry either. Now sit back, I’ll sleep. How will I sleep if I sit in the middle of the bed like this?

Listen, I am 5 years younger than you. So don’t tell me. You tell me. And I will tell you.
Why would this happen? Either you two will say no or you.
Look, if you don’t listen, I will cry.
What’s strange.. Do you have to cry with words?
No, first say whether you agree.
Ok- agree… you won’t sleep.

Listen tonight I will not sleep any of you.
I have never been in love in my entire life. I have always thought that I will love whoever I marry. And as long as I can’t love her, I won’t let her toss.
oh well I don’t understand the reason for not sleeping with it.
You will not sleep today. I will talk with you all night.
what a story

All I dream about my groom… is that story.
Oh mom…I’m not very tired today. I will talk tomorrow.
No… just today. If you sleep, I will pour water on you.
How many (this winter night)? I’d rather talk than stay. Tell me what to say.
You are a boring person. Can’t even speak properly. He asked my name.

Oh well your name is Reshma, isn’t it.
Oh the hell does anyone ask like that.
So how do you ask?
Say…what’s your name.
But I know your name.
ehhhh….? But you..! ?? Say what you say.
Ok…what’s your name?
I am Reshma
What do you read?
Honors 2nd year.
What else?
Damn you…what a boring person you are.
what did i do again
He doesn’t have to ask you questions. I speak for myself.

All my friends used to have relationships. But I wouldn’t.
Because I want to be my groom’s wicked sweet wife all the time.
What a way. I always want… I will give all my love to my groom. And I will burn him very much.
what kind
You know my needs are very small. I don’t want anything like my house, car, nice clothes, expensive furniture.

So what do you want?
Every morning when you go to office, give me a kiss on the forehead.
Give me a call before lunch wherever you are. Otherwise I will not eat.
I will give him And
For me, while returning from office, I have to bring chocolate, ice cream, fuska, something.

If you ever forget, I will send it out again.
I will bring him. And
I have to propose again on all auspicious days including Valentine’s Day, Marriage Day, etc. But no flowers can be given.
How is that?
Yes, that’s the case.
I like fog, moonlit night, cold. So sometimes you have to take it for a ride. I won’t say if I’m busy.

Sometimes in chadani night, I will sit in the bell koni and have two coffees in one cup.
Why in a cup?
Hmm, I’ll eat it in one cup.
Okay, and
Sometimes we will go to the roof on a rainy night and get wet. And you will propose me with flowers

Where can I get kadam flower in this city?
i don’t know And even if you are angry, you have to break the anger with Kadam flower.
This is rhythmic torture.
Where can I get Kadam flowers all year round?
i don’t know..
Well don’t talk about other flowers.
If you can’t give flowers, you have to take me in your arms. Until the mind is not better, it should be held in the lap.
I will survive if I take this 48 kg bag in my lap??

i don’t know After a few days I will be fatter. Still have to embrace it.
What do you say? The first one was good.
Everything is good, he says whether he will take it.
I will take him father.

listen to
hmm say
Take off your stupid glasses.
see you I still haven’t seen you properly with such thick frame glasses. Well I will sleep…tomorrow talk good night.

Here is a pillow, where will I sleep?
on my chest
I have many dreams like you. Just like that I have a dream about you. My wife always sleeps with her head on my chest. No matter how angry and quarreled throughout the day, no one can sleep without the other at night.

Sadia khan Runa ~


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