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I want told get a little touch of your love.

Away from your mind!
Wait for you.

I am filled with the touch of your love,
My heart was empty until you were there!
Today I am blessed with the fullness of this empty heart,
That’s why today the clay world has got youth.
If you paint the empty heart with your mind,
Your picture in my heart with the scratch of dreams!
Your touch paints me anew,
How many unknown dreams come and hold my hand!
I don’t know if there is such magic in your touch,
My heart beats just next to it!
The drink that I drank only to love you,
Keep me all my life in your magic circle.
I will live in your heart-temple for the rest of my life,
Keep me in your mind and take care of me!
Perhaps the cruel reality must be far away,
I should not go away from your mind!
I can’t keep you out of my mind,
If you could do the same in my place?
I will wait for you for a hundred thousand years,
Still I want to get a little touch of your love.

Sadia khan Runa ~


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