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My troubles are mine.

“Troubles are mine”

My troubles are mine, let the rain fall through my eyes
Troubles are mine.

My troubles are mine,
Let the rain fall through my eyes,
Let the water of the fountain

And let all the disappointments of the world come and hold me captive,
Let the blasphemy of the wicked fall upon me,
As much garbage as the street comes and touches my body,
I don’t want this cover on anyone else’s body except me
Let the bacteria touch and rot.
Let the darkness of twilight time be seen.

come out only through my heart.
When all the waters rise together, let my mind rise,
And when I get swept away by that wave, I go.
What’s the point of involving others in this life of suffering?
How much is the price of tears from the eyes,
You may never imagine that.
So I don’t want to think about it on anyone’s head,
Let the whole sky fall again,
May the eyes be blinded by clouds.
The fountain of emotions in your heart is abundant with the soft touch of happiness
With the smile of the moon on the face, let there be light all around
I always want to see your heart overflowing with joy,
Let the love spread throughout your body.
May the mind be filled with joy by the song of the birds.
May you be surrounded by the smell of hasnahena,
Moonlight May the eyes twinkle in the light of the night.

Let the seven colors of the rainbow fill your heart with the color of love
Still be happy, think about happiness,
Don’t ever attack this troubled mind.
My troubles are mine.
Let the rain fall through my eyes,
Let the waters of the fountain flow through my heart,
Yet let no black shadow touch your heart.

Sadia khan Runa ~


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