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I came to say i love you

I came to say i love you.
To say i love you.

No one knows why this happened to me.
Why my day does not pass, the night does not pass
The night passes and I don’t see the morning.
Why is there no hand between my hands; no one knows.
I came all this way alone with the pain of a wasted bracelet.
No one said poor passerby from behind,
Sit under the tree in the afternoon sun,
No one said to be good and be happy.
No one said when the couple came to tears.
By the head, come again.
A colorful bird cried inside
No one heard the classical call,
Chaitra’s (March) fire burned my chest
No one said young lover this is!
I was shocked, but I came.
As a kangaroo does with its cubs, it runs into danger
I do the same with civilization
There is a long way in difficult times with whiteness on the chest
I came alone without a nurse.
No one called but I came to say I love you.

Sadia Khan Runa ~


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